Mock Bobbles Crochet Beret- Designer Focus #2

crochet mock bobbles beret

The world of crochet is so huge and captivating (oh yea, I get captivated a lot). Being a crochet crafter as well, my mind is always brimming with ideas for the next project and when I see another designer’s work that I love and would want to make for myself or someone, it’s hard to take out time to do so.

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Hearty Giraffe Amigurumi- Designer Focus #1

Crochet toy amigurumi

I looooooove amigurumi, I mean who doesn’t? Even though they do not always look realistic, they are usually so cute. The downside is, I do not enjoy making amigurumi. In fact, this is the first full amigurumi pattern I would start and finish. (Update- Oct. 29, 2017- I’m beginning to love making amigurumi. I’ve designed my first pattern; a snowman) Read more