Colourful Crochet Projects

There’s something about colour that affects the mood. Why do celebrations use colour, why are children attracted to colour? Have you ever thought of that? I do not know all the answers,

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colourful crochet projects

but I do know that colour does good to our mental state. So with that in mind I made this list of seven colourful crochet projects for you to try- all Free patterns and techniques.


colourful crochet cushion


1. Colourful Cushion by Rett.

The colours on this cushion are captivating. When I saw the photo I could not scroll past it. This will brighten up just about ANY room. I have put down learning this technique on my to do list, looks too good to not try.


colourful crochet baby blanket

2. Crochet Baby Blanket from dinkidots

This is another eye catching one and a very easy baby blanket to crochet. Made from V-stitch, you are sure to complete this in no time.


Beginner crochet wall hanging

3. Wall Hanging from loopinglymade

And yes, this VERY EASY wall hanging I made. It is a cheerful addition on our wall.


4. African Flower Soccer ball from Crochet bug

Well, what do you say to this? Isn’t this the brightest, most colourful soccer ball you ever saw? Made from the timeless African Flower motif. A very versatile motif that can be used for so many patterns. This design I made with the African flower is just one out of hundreds.


colourful crochet half rug

5. Partly Sunny Half Circle Rug from

I know summer is over, but won’t you agree with me this is a very eye-catching rug? And it only uses basic stitches.


colourful crochet scarf

6. Autumn Chill Scarf from

In the designer’s words “This scarf made with Caron Cakes confetti has bold colour blocks of beautiful Autumn tones”. I quite agree.


Dreamer boy poncho

7. Dreamer Poncho from

This colourful poncho was made with 2 basic stitches; double and single crochets to give a textured feel. The edging adds an interesting angle to the poncho.  Made to size a preschooler.


colourful crochet mandala

8. Crochet Mandala from Mollie Makes

And this colourful mandala to wrap up.

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