Reversible African Flower Bag

Good ol’ African flower. There are so many beautiful crochet items made from the African flower motif, and whenever I saw another one I’d tell myself I would design an item from it someday. When inspiration hit, I was ecstatic to finish even before starting the african flower bag.

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Crochet African Flower Tote

I’ll confess it took me a while to put the motifs together. I underestimated the number of African flowers needed to create this tote seeing as it is reversible. In the end, I am pleased with the outcome of the African Flower Tote. It is thick but not bulky, it is durable as well and will last through washes.

One bag, two sides, pairs perfectly with your casual attire.

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Finished dimension is 12 inches wide by 11.3 inches tall without the handles. Each Flower is about 3.5 inches in diameter. You’ll need 15 full flower motifs and 6 half flower motifs for each side of the bag. So, that’s basically 30 full flowers and 12 half flowers.

-Worsted weight cotton yarn of choice.
I recommend 2 balls each of 3 Lily, SugarnCream yarn
-4.5mm hook
-Needle to sew and weave in ends
-20-22 wooden buttons

FSC- foundation single crochet. See here for tutorial
SC- single crochet
DC- double crochet
HDC- half double crochet
CH- chain
ST- stitch
Special Stitch- Spike stitch
Go into stitch 2 rows below and work your next stitch

-Pattern is written in U.S terms
-When making DCs in the Magic Circle, do not Ch 1 after every 2 DCs. Just DC 12 in ring.
-Ch 1 and Ch 2 do not count as stitches
-Colour A- brown, Colour B- pink, Colour C- lilac

African Flower Pattern
Make magic circle
Round 1 – with colour A: Ch 2, DC 12 in ring. Sl St in 1st DC
Round 2 – join color B with Sl St in next DC, Ch 2, *2DC, Ch 1, 2DC* in between post of 2 stitches. Skip 2 stitches, repeat * to * around. Sl St in 1st DC
Round 3 – Ch 2, DC 7 in each Ch 1 space around. Sl St in 1st DC
Round 4 – join color C: Ch1, SC in same stitch and in next 6, Spike in next. *SC in 7, Spike in next*. Repeat * to * in each stitch around. Sl St in Sl St in 1st SC

Joining 2 flowers
Tip 1 : HDC, ch1, HDC should be at the center of the flower petal; which is the 4th stitch on that petal. This is the corner of the hexagon
Tip 2: Sew buttons on both sides of 12 flowers before you join
Tip 3: tie loose ends together and trim. No need to weave in all the ends, they will be covered when you join two flowers.

Insert hook through 2 flowers to join as seen in photo below

Round 5 – with colour A, starting from the side of a petal hold 2 flowers together with wrong side facing in, *HDC in 3, [HDC, Ch 1, HDC in next], HDC in 3, DC in next(this is the Spike stitch)*. Repeat * to * around. Sl St in 1st HDC.

Crochet African Flower

Half African Flower
With colour A form magic ring.
Row 1: DC 7 in ring. Join color B with Sl St, Ch 2, turn
Row 2: Skp 2 stitches, *2DC, Ch 1, 2DC* in between post of stitches. Skip 2 stitches, repeat * to * two more times. Sl St in top of Ch 2. Ch 2, turn
Row 3: Ch 2, DC 7 in each Ch 1 space across. Sl St in top of Ch 2. Join colour C, Ch 1, turn
Row 4: *SC in 7, spike in next*. Repeat * to * 2 more times. Sl st in top of Ch 2. Break yarn, fasten off

Crochet African Flower

To join flowers, follow instruction as for joining above.
Crochet African Flower crochet african flower






Joining all flowers
With colour A, make a tail about 80 inches long. I used the Geojoin by Crocheting Kay, it is pretty easy and quick.

Crochet African Flower

Forming the Tote

Tip: pass needle through stitches to join farther edges. No need to break the yarn. See photo below for example.
crochet african flower crochet african flower






Fold the joined flowers in half and sew all edges closed
crochet african flower







Join yarn at the side of the bag (in the center of the half African flower)

Round 1: Ch 1, HDC evenly across, Ch 1 over where the flowers are joined. Repeat around, Sl St to 1st HDC. Ch 1, turn
Round 2: HDC around (skip Ch 1 spaces and just HDC in next stitch)







Handles (make 2)

Row 1: FSC 105. Ch 1, turn
Row 2: SC across. Ch 1, turn
Row 3: SC across. Break yarn leaving long tail to sew on buttons

Sew handles with 2 buttons. 1 on each side

crochet african fower

crochet african flower 10







Button Clasps (optional)

Sew 2 buttons with about 1 inch of yarn space between them. Tie ends together, wrap around and tie again.








Will love to see photos of your completed African Flower tote. #loopinglym on Instagram and tag us on Facebook. Thank you

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