Star Stitch photo tutorial

The star stitch used to be one of those stitches I would see and get tied up over. It just felt like this really complex design. Then one day, I put hook to yarn and it was not so bad afterall.

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Crochet Star stitch tutorial
There are variations on how to do this stitch. However, I am sharing with you a straightforward, no stress way to doing the Star stitch.

-Alize Cotton Gold yarn
-5mm hook

1- Make a multiple of 2 chains. In this tutorial, 14 chains
2- Insert hook in second chain from hook, yarn over,pull up a loop

Crochet Star stitch tutorial

3- Repeat step 2 above in four chains, until you have 6 loops on your hook
4- Yarn over and pull through all 6 loops

Crochet Star stitch tutorial

5- Chain 1. We’ve made the first Star stitch. In the photo below, the arrows point to the spaces where we will work the next Star stitch.

For the arrow labelled Loops, we will insert the hook in between loop 5 and 6
Note the arrow beside the loop 6, it points to the chain where loop 6 is worked in. We will go in there as well

Crochet Star stitch tutorial

6- Do you see what I was talking about up there?
7- We go into the next 2 chains. Now there are 6 loops on hook

Crochet Star stitch tutorial

8- Yarn over, pull through all 6 loops, chain 1. Second Star stitch done

Crochet Star stitch tutorial

9- Moving on to Row 2, HDC in last stitch (same space as last loop). Chain 2, turn. (this chain 2 stands as 1 HDC)
10- Make 2HDC into the eye of each Star stitch below (this evens out the stitch count). HDC in the last stitch. Chain 3, turn

Note that you can either work 2SC in the eye. It’s all about preference.

Crochet Star stitch tutorial

11- Note where the arrows point to
12- insert hook in 2nd chain from hook, *yarn over, pull up a loop*. Insert hook in next chain and repeat *to*. Do same in the next 3 stitches

Crochet Star stitch tutorial

13- Yarn over, pull up a loop, pull through all 6 loops. 1st Star stitch on Row 3 done. To continue, repeat steps 6 and 7 above

Crochet Star stitch tutorial

Tip- When working HDCs, you can avoid having ridges by working into the space between the HDC and not into the top of the HDC. The photo below shows one side with ridges and the other without ridges.

Crochet Star stitch tutorial

And that’s it! The post seems really long, but I did say it was detailed.
I hope you have a great time working with this stitch.  See this Star stitch headband I made.
If you have any questions about this, please comment below.

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