Crochet Sunflower Buddy

The summer season is inspiring me to make ‘sunny’ items. Since I’ve had the Sunflower in mind for a while, I decided to have a go at it.

This Sunflower buddy can be a decorative hanging

on a bedroom or studio wall; just hang it by one of the petals. Or it could make a cute toy for a little one and perhaps could easily turn out to be his best buddy. You could even add it as a companion to your real life plants.

crochet sunflower amigurumi


So, I used a slightly different method to make the circle. You know that shape that comes out like a ‘pinwheel’ when you crochet in spiral in the round? You know, like all the increases are concentrated in particular rows and it’s almost shaping up like a hexagon? Yea. I’ve used a neat trick that I learnt from Safety Eyes & Ami Manila. This trick distributes the increases so it eliminates that ‘almost hexagon’ shape.

The trick is this; for every row with an even number of single stitches, you only begin with half of the number and end with half of the number. Example, the normal instruction for Row 4 in this pattern would be (SC in 2, 2SC in next. Rep. around. You would end with 2SC). However using this trick it would now be (SC in 1, 2SC in next. *SC in 2, 2SC in next* Rep *to* around, ending with SC in 1). Never mind if it’s a bit confusing at first, just follow the instructions and the project will be fine.

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crochet sunflower amigurumi


-Alize Cotton Gold Plus (worsted weight, medium 4), 100g, 200mt; Colour -brown, mustard
-Red Heart Super Saver (worsted weight, medium 4); Colour- Pumpkin
-3.5mm & 4.5mm hook
-Safety eyes
-Fiber fill
-Embroidery thread or black yarn
-Needle to weave in ends
-Stitch marker

-SC- single crochet
-HDC- half double crochet
-DC- Double crochet
-TC- Treble or Triple crochet
-CH- chain
-ST- stitch
-SL ST- Slip stitch
-BLO- back loop only
Special Stitch– Picot
Chain 3, slip stitch in the third chain from hook

-Pattern is written in U.S terms
-Colour A-brown, colour B- pumpkin, colour C- mustard
-Round is made in spiral. Put your stitch marker in the last stitch so you can keep track
-Rounds 2-10 are worked in BLO
-HDC and petals are worked with 4.5mm hook

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With 3.5mm hook- colour A (make 2 circles. You should end one of them in round 10)
Form Magic ring
Round 1: SC 8 in ring- 8
Round 2: 2SC in each St around – 16
Round 3: *SC in 1, 2SC* in next. Rep *to* around- 24
Round 4: SC in 1, 2SC in next. *SC in 2, 2SC in next*. Rep *to* around ending with SC in last 1 st- 32
Round 5: *SC in 3, 2SC in next*. Rep *to* around- 40
Round 6: SC in 2, 2SC in next. *SC in 4, 2SC in next*. Rep *to* around ending with SC in last 2 sts- 48
Round 7: *SC in 5, 2SC in next*. Rep *to* around- 56
Round 8: SC in 3, 2SC in next. *SC in 6, 2SC in next*. Rep *to* around ending with SC in last 3 sts- 64
Round 9: *SC in 7, 2SC in next*. Rep *to* around- 72
Round 10: SC in 4, 2SC in next. *SC in 8, 2SC in next*. Rep *to* around ending with SC in last 4 sts- 80
Rounds 11-12: SC around- 80
Break yarn, weave in ends

crochet sunflower pattern


crochet sunflower patternJoining
With 4.5mm hook and colour B
With ribbed side facing out, hold circles together and join yarn with Sl st from any point. When you are halfway into joining, determine where you want the eyes and mouth to be and sew them on. Counting down from the 10th round, position eyes between the 6th and 8th rounds.

Round 13: Chain 1, HDC in same space as Sl st, HDC around. Sl st in 1st HDC- 80. Break yarn, weave in ends


crochet sunflower patternPetals- with colour C
Round 14: Join new colour with Sl st in BLO, Ch 8, Sl st in same BLO. *Sl st in next 3 BLO, Ch 8, Sl st in same BLO*. Rep *to* around – 27 Ch 8 loops
Round 15: in Ch 8 loop, *SC, HDC 2, DC 2, TC, Picot, TC, DC 2, HDC 2, SC*. Rep *to* in each Ch 8 loop. End with Sl st in BLO of previous round.- 27 petals
Break yarn, weave in ends
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