Happy Boy Crochet Sandals

Our little boy just turned one and I figured it was about time I made something for him. Thankfully, I did not have to think long and hard before I decided on this sandal.

Crochet baby sandals

The colour combination was not planned either. Good thing there was some left over cotton yarn from the One Size headband I made a while back, so it came in handy.
Our little one has large feet, so the soles measure approximately 5 inches. I feel though that it’s better if the soles are larger, children grow so fast.

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Lion Brand 24/7 (medium 4), 100g, 170mt; Colours–Jade & Goldenrod
-4.0mm hook
-2 Small buttons
-Needle to weave in ends
– Stitch marker

SC- single crochet
HDC- half double crochet
CH- chain
SL ST- Slip Stitch
BLO- Back loop only
FLO- Front loop only
MC- Main colour
CC- Contrast colour

-Size is for 12 months old
-Pattern written in U.S terms
-Sole measures 5 inches
-MC- Jade, CC- Goldenrod
-When making the soles, remember to insert stitch marker in last stitch of the round
Tip: you may want to carry yarn along to reduce the number of ends to weave in.

Crochet baby shoes


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SOLE- make 4 (2 with MC, 2 with CC)
Crochet baby sandals

Chain 17
Round 1: HDC in 2nd chain from hook, HDC in 14, HDC 6 in last ch. Turn upside down, HDC in 14, 2HDC in last st. SL st in 1st HDC- 37
Round 2: Ch 1, 2HDC in same space. HDC in 12, DC in 2, 2HDC in each of next 6 sts. DC in 2, HDC in 12, 2HDC in each of last 2 sts. SL st to 1st HDC- 46
Round 3: Ch 1, 2HDC in same st, HDC in next, HDC in 14, *2HDC in next, HDC in next* rep *to* in next 12 sts. HDC in 14, *2HDC in next, HDC in next*, rep *to* in next 4 sts- 55


Crochet baby sandals

With right sides facing out, hold two soles in each colour together.
Join yarn from the centre of heel through back loop of MC and under both loops of CC.
Ch 1, SC in same space, SC in 54. Sl st to 1st SC- 55
Tip: be aware of the Sl St so you do not mistakenly work in it, thus resulting to more than required stitches


Crochet baby sandals

Place Stitch marker in middle of heel. Count 16 down from each side, place st markers in 17th and 20th sts. See photo for guide
On the right side of shoe
Row 1: in BLO starting in the 20th stitch, attach yarn with Sl St, Ch 1, SC in same st, SC in 3. Ch 1, turn
Row 2: in FLO, SC in 4. Ch 1, turn
Row 3: in BLO, SC in 4
Rows 4-15: repeat rows 2 and 3
Repeat same on left side of shoe; starting in the 17th stitch

Crochet baby sandals

Sew on strap to other side of sole, leaving a stitch or two in between

Edging with CC
Crochet baby sandals

SC across the edges on both sides of the strap. Weave in ends

BACK STRAP (see photo below for guide)

Long strap
With MC, join yarn in stitch
Row 1: SC 3. Ch 1, turn
Row 2: SC 3 in FLO. Ch 1, turn
Row 3: SC 3 in BLO. Ch 1, turn
Rows: 4-14 repeat rows 2 and 3
Row 15: in BLO, SC 1, Ch 1, skip 1 stitch, SC in last st. Ch 1, turn
Row 16: SC in FLO
Row 17: SC in BLO. Break yarn weave in ends

Short strap
Repeat rows 1-7 as for the long back strap
Sew button on the short strap. Weave in ends
To make straps for left shoe, just reverse where you make the long strap. in this case,the right side.

Crochet happy boy sandalscrochet baby sandals







non-slip crochet sole

For non-slip sole, I used the puffy paint. Got a pack of it a while back, and so far, it’s been serving a good non-slip purpose.

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