Lollipop Crochet Basket

We get inspired by so many things around us. This time, it was the onions in my kitchen that got me hooking this lollipop basket.

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Crochet basket

For the longest time it felt like the onions were giving me a side eye protesting about how I’ve been heaping them haphazardly in a corner, and every time I would say ‘ok, I’ll make something nice and cozy to put them in’.

However, by the time I was done, it just didn’t feel right to name it ‘onion basket’. So, it was named lollipop because the colorful swirl of the yarn combined with the Bobble stitch reminds me of just that- a Lollipop.

This is a very easy pattern any beginner can make using a combination of basic stitches and the Bobble stitch (one of my all-time favorite stitches). This pattern was made with the Bobble stitch as well, though it’s slightly different. For extra thickness, I made the basket holding two strands of yarn.

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Yarn used- 2 balls of Premier yarn, (medium 4) 60grs, 96 mtrs.
Colour- Summer Kitchen
-6.5mm hook
-Needle to weave in ends

SC- single crochet
HDC- half double crochet
CH- chain
ST- stitch
SL ST- slip stitch
BLO- back loop only

Special Stitch- 3DC Bobble stitch
*Yarn over, go into stitch, yarn over and draw up a loop, yarn over again and pull through the first 2 loops*- repeat * to * 2 more times in the same stitch. Then you will have 4 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through all the loops.

– Pattern is written in U.S terms
– This basket is made holding 2 strands of the yarn
– This pattern uses a 3DC Bobble stitch
– The base of bowl is worked in spiral round
– Ch 1 does not count as a stitch

Crochet basket

Form Magic ring
Row 1: SC 6 in ring
Round 2: 2SC in each stitch around
Round 3: *SC in 1st st, 2SC in next*. Repeat * to * around
Round 4: *SC in 2, 2SC in next*. Repeat * to * around
Round 5: *SC in 3, 2SC in next*. Repeat * to * around
Round 6: *SC in 4, 2SC in next*. Repeat * to * around
Round 7: *SC in 5, 2SC in next*. Repeat * to * around
Round 8: *SC in 6, 2SC in next*. Repeat * to * around
Round 9: *SC in 7, 2SC in next*. Repeat * to * around
Round 10: *SC in 8, 2SC in next*. Repeat * to * around. Sl st in 1st SC

Upper part

Round 11: in BLO, Ch 1, HDC in each st around. Sl st in 1st HDC
Round 12: Ch 1, *SC in 2, Bobble in next*. Repeat around, ending with Bobble in last stitch. Sl st to 1st SC
Round 13: Ch 1, HDC around. Sl st in 1st HDC
Round 14: Ch 1, Bobble in 1st st, *SC in 3, Bobble in next*. Repeat * to * around, ending with SC in 3. Sl st to 1st SC
Round 15: repeat row 13
Round 16: repeat row 12
Round 17: Ch 1, SC around. Sl st to 1st SC. Break yarn, weave in ends

What other easy beginner patterns have you made?

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