Crochet Fingerless gloves

crochet earwarmer and fingerless glove set

This happens to be the first fingerless glove I’ve ever designed. In this world of crochet, I’ve found making new things immensely satisfying. O yea, it can get frustrating, but with persistence, the result is usually a huge sense of accomplishment. Ok, enough of that! haha.   Read more

Crochet Earwarmer

crochet earwarmer

Cool season is soon descending on us. Well, depending on what part of the world you’re in, sooner than later. With this in mind I decided to make this quick Tweed and Block crochet earwarmer. I call it tweed and block after the stitches. Read more

Mock Bobbles Crochet Beret- Designer Focus #2

crochet mock bobbles beret

The world of crochet is so huge and captivating (oh yea, I get captivated a lot). Being a crochet crafter as well, my mind is always brimming with ideas for the next project and when I see another designer’s work that I love and would want to make for myself or someone, it’s hard to take out time to do so.

Read more