Hearty Giraffe Amigurumi

Crochet toy amigurumi

I looooooove amigurumi, I mean who doesn’t? Even though they do not always look realistic, they are usually so cute. The downside is, I do not enjoy making amigurumi. In fact, this is the first full amigurumi pattern I would start and finish. (Correction- Oct. 29, 2017- I’m beginning to love making amigurumi. I’ve designed my first pattern; a snowman) Read more

Afro Bunny security blanket

With all the adorable bunny patterns I’ve seen these past weeks, I couldn’t help but jump in with this afro bunny security blanket. The idea was to create a bunny with an afro (African) textured hair, now see how it turned out almost looking like a sheep (I’m laughing at myself), I guess the ears saved it some. Read more