Cozy Crossed Messy Bun Beanie

I’ve wanted to make this Cozy Crossed messy bun beanie for a loooong time. Even before I made the Cozy Crossed Cowl. 

crochet messy bun beanie

This is a straightforward design and done in the same pattern as the Cozy Crossed Cowl.

messy bun beanie

This is a super chic beanie, as it gives you two options of wearing the buttons on the side or behind. If you’re wondering about using 7 buttons for your messy bun beanie I’ve put an alternate round to make for 5 buttons.

messy bun beanie


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Measurement: to fit head circumference 21-23 inches.

Guage: 1 set of 4 rows (HDC,HDC in FLO, Crossed DC and SC) measure approx. 1.8 inches
the entire 53 rows measure approx. 19.5 inches

You’ll need:

– 1 skein Himalaya Tape yarn, Medium 4; 55% cotton/45% acrylic, 100g/3.53oz, 170mt/186yds

– A small bit of contrast yarn for edging

– 5 and 6mm hooks

– 7 one inch wood buttons

– Needle to sew and weave in ends


SC- single crochet

FHDC- foundation half double crochet

HDC- half double crochet

DC- double crochet

FLO- front loop only

ST- stitch


– Pattern is written in U.S terms

– Ch 1 and Ch 2 at the beginning of row do not count as a stitch

– Even though this is a worsted weight tape yarn, the thickness is different from regular worsted weights.The photo below shows the difference, so in the absence of tape yarn, you’d want to use a worsted weight with a recommended hook size of 6mm.

tape yarn

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Row 1: FHDC 28. Ch 1, turn

Row 2: HDC in FLO across. Ch 2, turn

Row 3: Skip 1st stitch, DC in 3, DC in 1st skipped stitch. (Skip next st, DC in 3, DC in skipped stitch) repeat across. Ch 1, turn

Row 4: SC across. Ch 1, turn

Row 5: HDC across. Ch 1, turn

Row 6: HDC in FLO.  Ch 2, turn

Row 7: repeat row 3

Row 8: SC across.  Ch 1, turn

Rows 9-52: repeat rows 5-8 eleven times

Row 53: HDC across.


Round 1: SC 53 evenly

Round 2: change to colour B , make 2 SC in first st, Ch 1, skip 2 sts. (SC in next, ch 1, skip 3 sts) repeat across. SC in last stitch

(to use less buttons, say 5, follow this pattern for Round 2)

Round 2: change to colour B , make 2 SC in first st, Ch 1, skip 2 sts, (SC in 4, ch 1, skip 2 sts) repeat 4 times. SC in last stitch

Round 3: with 5mm hook-  starting in 1st st, SC2tog, (SC in next 2, SC2tog) repeat across, Sl st in 1st stitch. See photo 2 below for guide. Break yarn, weave in ends.

crochet messy bun beanie

How to work Round 3

And there goes your cozy crossed messy bun beanie. Be sure to share with me on facebook or instagram.


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