Amigurumi Snowmen Roundup

I’m a bit obsessed with amigurumi snowmen for now. I’ve searched long and hard to make this list for you. So, if you’ve been looking for a crochet snowman? Look no further. 

free amigurumi snowmen

This roundup has all free amigurumi snowmen patterns to crochet to your heart’s delight, and they link directly to the page for the pattern. Even my snowman pattern is now free on the blog.

  1. Casper the Snowman from Knot Bad

amigurumi snowman 1


2. Snowman from Red Heart yarn,UK

amigurumi snowman


3. Smirkey the Snowman from LoopinglyMade

crochet snowman amigurumi


4. Snowman from Amigurumi today

amigurumi snowman 3


5. Snowman from Repeatcrafterme

amigurumi snowman 2


6. Bouli the Snowman (though this one is written in Polish, I think he is cute.)

amigurumi snowman


7.  And another Snowman from Amigurumi today

amigurumi snowman 6


8. Snowman from Lion Brand yarn

amigurumi snowman 7


9. Melting Snowmen from Kamina Kapow

amigurumi snowmen 9


10. Scarfed Snowmen by Briana Olsen on Ravelry

amigurumi snowmen 10

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