How to Crochet a Straight or Curved Seam

Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the most difference. I happened on this crochet straight/curved seam technique one day when I was goofing around with my hook and yarn and I’m certain a lot of other crocheters have discovered this .

I surely love learning and trying new things, especially if it is craft (and food) related. Haha.

I have no preference for either technique because they each work for different purposes. For instance if I was crocheting just a flat circle/round or simple hat that does not require much dimensional designs, like post stitches, then I think the straight seam will work fine for the crown of a hat, rug, flat circle projects, etc. However, if some other complex style, I’m not so sure (I have not tried the straight seam technique for intermediate/advance designs).

For this circle, HDC stitch was used. Ch 1, does not count as a stitch

The Straight Seam

crochet straight seam


  • Always skip the first stitch at the beginning of the round
  • Finish the last stitch in the slip stitch from the previous round/joining and join to 1st HDC


The Curved Seam

crochet curved seam


  • Always start round in the same stitch as the joining/where your chain starts from
  • Finish the round in the last stitch

And that’s how to make a curved or straight seam while working in circles/rounds.

On a Final Note:

Keeping a straight seam will only work with each increasing round. Once you start making single stitches all around, it naturally curves.

Is there a crochet technique you’re trying to figure out? Would like you to share in the comment.


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