How to Make Knotless Fringes

Fringes are fun and they give an edgy look to a piece. Just take a look at those scarves and cowls on the internet and you’ll agree with me that the fringes on them give a kind of rustic style. So, I’ll be showing you how I make my fringes knotless for a smoother edge.

Knotless Fringe

I’ve used the knotless fringes on a scarf and cowl and I’m now conjuring a design to use them on a blanket- let’s see how that fares.

This photo below shows the regular fringe. Of course, whether you decide to make your fringes knotless or regular, it’s all about how you want your finished piece to look. So, one way does not out-do the other, it’s simply a matter of preference.

knotless fringe

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How to make knotless fringes



1- Take as many strands of yarn as you want, fold and insert through the stitch or where you want it placed

Knotless fringe 1


2- Pull only one half of the upper strands through the bottom loop and pull tight

Knotless fringe 2

Knotless fringe 3


3- Take 2 strands, one from above and one from below and tie them once or twice

Knotless Fringe 4

Trim fringes to desired length and you’re done!

Knotless Fringe


Do you have any other way you make your fringes? Share in the comment.

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