Ripples Slouchy Beanie

It is beanie season people. And who doesn’t love a good one that’s comfortable and stylish at the same time? That’s what you get with this ripples slouchy beanie.

I like this beanie for a couple of reasons

1, it is gender neutral; the design is perfect for both sexes.

2, fits most adult head size

3, it is veeeeerryy easy to make- just keep count of rows and repeat!

4, you could wear it your way- all slouchy or rolled up

crochet beanie


5, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time- you could finish in a couple hours (depending on your schedule), it took me two days; just because we have 2 boys under 4 who still crave mommy’s attention. haha.

6, you need ONLY 1 skein of yarn. Errr, and some other leftover yarm for the pom pom.

7,…. shall i go on…. haha

This hat is made with the ripple crochet stitch technique and worked in rows and made in a multiple of 14 chains plus 1 extra chain. Also, all you need to know is how to SC and TC and you’re good. Ahh, and SC decrease and TC decrease.

It’s ok if you sell items you made using LM patterns. And I’d really love it if you mentioned it was from LM.
And please, do not sell or mass produce LM patterns- (the only exception is if you are donating the items made to charity)

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Measurement: to fit head size 21-24″ circumference

Guage: 5 rows of SC and 1 row of TC is about 2.8″

You’ll need:

– 1 skein Alize worsted weight yarn; 55% cotton/45% acrylic, 100g/3.53oz, 200mt/361yds
– Some left over yarn in contrast colour for pom pom. This blog has different ways to make a pom pom
– 5.5mm hook
– Needle to weave in ends


SC- single crochet
TC- treble crochet
SC2TOG- single crochet 2 together
TC2TOG- terble crochet 2 together
ST- stitch
CH- chain
REP- repeat


– Pattern is written in U.S terms
– Ch 1 at the beginning of row does not count as a stitch
– Ch 4 stands as 1 TC. At the end of every 5th row, remember to chain 4 before turning.


Chain 43. (leave a little long tail at the base of the slip knot. We’ll be needing it later)

Row 1: 2SC in 2nd ch from hook, SC in 4, *SC2tog in next 2 sts (rep twice), SC in 4, 2SC in next st (rep twice), SC in 4* repeat ** till last stitch. Make 2SC in last st. ch 1, turn

Row 2: 2SC in 1st st, SC in 4, *SC2tog in next 2 sts (rep twice), SC in 4, 2SC in next st (rep twice), SC in 4* repeat ** till last stitch. Make 2SC in last st. ch 1, turn

Rows 3-5: repeat row 2. Chain 4 at end of row 5, turn

Row 6: TC  across. ch 1, turn

Rows 7-48: repeat rows 1-6 seven times. Break yarn leaving a long tail about 95cm


tip: you will only need the 95cm tail to do all the joining and sewing on pom pom.

Fold the sides with the two ends coming together. Match the stitches and sew both ends zig zag


Now pass the yarn by going in and out through alternate stitches at the top. Pass the yarn around till you are back to where you started. Draw yarn (tail) and close the top, tie tail securely with the tail at the bottom of slip know from starting chain


Note: you will be using the same tail to fix the pom pom

Turn hat inside out and fix the pom pom. Once secured, turn hat inside out again and sew through the zig zag joining again all the way down. Weave in ends, break yarn’

Turn hat inside out a last time and enjoy your Ripples Slouchy.

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