River Gem Slouch Hat

After designing the River Gem scarf it looked like it needed to be a pair, so along came this slouch hat to make it complete. While the scarf is made in rows, this beanie is made in rounds .


This hat is designed to be ‘roomy’ with a double, somewhat loose brim. It can be worn with our without a pom-pom and paired nicely with the River Gem scarf .

There’s also a super fun and easy, gender neutral slouch hat you can gift to friends and loved ones this season. The Ripples Slouchy beanie


River Gem hat

Just as the scarf begins with a multiple of 3 chains plus 1 , so is this hat.

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Medium- to fit head circumference 19-21″
Large- to fit head circumference 22-24″

You’ll need:

– 1 skein each Alize cotton gold- worsted weight yarn; 100g/3.5oz, 165mt/180yds; colors cream and brown
– 5 and 5.5mm hooks
– Needle to weave in ends


SC- single crochet
DC- double crochet
ST- stitch
CH- chain
SKP- skip
FLO- front loop only
BLO- back loop only


– Pattern is written in U.S terms
– ch 1 and ch 2 at the beginning of round do not count as a stitch.
– change colour after every 2 rows
– Colour A- cream. Colour B- brown

River Gem hat



Band– with 5mm hook and colour B (both sizes. large size in parenthesis)

Row 1: FHDC 12. Ch 1, turn (note: make the tail at the base of slip knot about 3.5″ long)

Row 2: HDC in FLO across. Ch 1, turn

Row 3: HDC in BLO across. Ch1 turn

Rows 4-54(60): repeat rows 2 and 3

see photo for working in back and front loops


– use the tail from the base of the slip knot to sew both ends closed.
– leave the loop from the last stitch open. you will start the body of the hat from there

River gem band


Body– with 5.5mm

– to change colour, just take up previous yarn; see trail in the 4th photo.
– fold the band and make stitches through the front and back edges

Round 1: join colour B, Ch 2, *DC in next 3 sts, SC in 3*. Repeat ** around. Join to 1st DC.

Round 2: Ch 2. Rep round 1

Round 3&4: (with colour A). ch 1, *SC in 3, DC in 3*. Repeat ** around. Join to 1st SC

Rounds 5-20(22): repeat rounds 1-4. Changing colour after every 2 rounds

Medium size only

Round 21: starting in same st, Ch 2, *DC in 1st st, DC2tog. SC in next, SC2tog*. Repeat ** around. Join to 1st DC

Round 22: Ch 2, *DC2tog, SC2tog*. Repeat ** around

Large size only

Round 23: starting in same st, Ch 1, *SC in 1st st, SC2tog. DC in next, DC2tog*. Repeat ** around. Join to 1st DC

Round 24: Ch 1, *SC2tog, DC2tog*. Repeat ** around

Closing the top

close the head of the hat just as done in the Ripples Slouchy Beanie  

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