Crochet Heart Teddy Amigurumi- Part 1

crochet teddy amigurumi

Did you ever watch Mr Bean on tv? An English tv series about a grown guy with the juvenile tendencies? Then you would know Teddy- his BFF, Bear Friend Forever. He is the inspiration behind this Heart Teddy Amigurumi. And if you know Teddy, you would also know Lottie, his teddy girlfriend. Ha!  Read more

Hearty Giraffe Amigurumi- Designer Focus #1

Crochet toy amigurumi

I looooooove amigurumi, I mean who doesn’t? Even though they do not always look realistic, they are usually so cute. The downside is, I do not enjoy making amigurumi. In fact, this is the first full amigurumi pattern I would start and finish. (Update- Oct. 29, 2017- I’m beginning to love making amigurumi. I’ve designed my first pattern; a snowman) Read more